Quality Horse Boarding

Quiet Victory Farm is a small, private, top-notch show barn in Central New Jersey, conveniently situated central to most area show venues such as Duncraven Stables, Black River Farm, and the New Jersey Horse Park, as well as being located minutes across the bridge to Pennsylvania and I-95.  Catering primarily to show horses and their competitive riders, the farm offers full-care, full-service horse boarding with all standard amenities included, without itemizing! We believe that in providing optimum care for your horse in a full-care situation, routine and standard provisions should not be optional! Our barn is small enough that we can effectively provide personalized care to each animal. Each horse’s feeding and turnout schedule is carefully customized according to their individual needs. We use only top-quality, specific high-end feeds, hay, and bagged shavings, and take care of feeding any supplements or medications you provide, as well as multiple blanket and boot changes for turnout, and fan brackets for your fan above each stall, all at no extra cost. We feed a hot bran mash every Sunday, and during inclement weather if your horse has to stay inside. Veterinary and farrier appointments are arranged for you if you so choose, and there is no additional charge for your horse to be held or assisted if you cannot be there. QVF is not ever closed, so you can visit your horse whenever your schedule allows, 24/7! YOU  deserve to enjoy YOUR horse when it’s convenient for YOU!! And–YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER VALUE for the care and the quality of supplies used, anywhere in the area!

Your horse’s well-being and body condition is carefully monitored by our professional staff and overseen by the trainer, who also has veterinary experience as well. Ample turnout in our large grass fields is available as much as the weather conditions will allow! Large, bright, airy, and thickly-bedded stalls are available with slider window, Dutch doors, or a large, attached. private run-out paddock for your horse’s comfort and relaxation!

Full-care Boarding

Option 2
  • Stall with Dutch Door, or Extra-Large Stall with window
  • Price includes NJ state sales tax

Full-care Boarding

Option 3
  • Full Dutch Door Stall with attached, private run-out paddock
  • Price includes NJ state sales tax

Full- Care Boarding

Option 1
  • Regular stall with slider window
  • Price includes NJ state sales tax